Senior Section

About the Senior Section

Senior Section members are aged 14-25. They can be Young Leaders, Rangers, Young Guiders (at 18), Unit Helpers (at 18). The Senior Section has its own programme and unique opportunities.

This section has information on the areas below. The site aims to only provide a brief taster. For more information have a look at Girlguiding’s Senior Section pages, or email the relevant adviser/s who will be able to help you.

Look Wider

Queen’s Guide Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Senior Section permits

Commonwealth Award

GOLD (Guiding Overseas Linked with Development)

County International Sleepover


Young Leader Qualification

Leadership Qualification

see also the Senior Section Pages at Girlguiding UK

 Look Wider

‘Look wider and when you are still looking, look wider still’ Lord Baden Powell


Who’s it for?

Any member of guiding aged 14-25. It is a flexible programme which can be dipped into over a member’s time in the Senior Section. It has no time frame. 


What is it?

Is a programme for the Senior Section. It is a framework not a specific syllabus. It is a personal challenge, the member decides what she wants to do. Activities can be carried out within and outside of guiding. Information can be found in the Senior Section CD and the Senior Section website.


Who assesses Look Wider?

Look Wider is not assessed. The key element is to decide whether the Senior Section member has carried out activities which have challenged her. This is entirely flexible and depends on the circumstances of the Senior Section member.


Someone who could issue her with an octant certificate could be a guider, ranger group, LINK group, commissioner, SSAGO group etc.

How does it work?

Look wider is split into 8 areas, called octants. These areas cover all aspects of the Girlguiding experience.


The octants are split into three ‘phases’ which allow you to challenge yourself to different levels.

Phase 1


You can try something new or look at something in a different way 

To complete this phase you must have tried three activities 


Phase 2

Have a go at something for a minimum of 12 hours.

Phase 3

Work at something at a greater level for a minimum of 30 hours and either teach it to someone else or gain a qualification in it.

What happens if I complete phases?

You need to record your achievements in your Senior Section record book (at the front of the CD case) If you complete all 3 phases in an octant you can gain an octant certificate which can go in your CV.

If you complete the first two phases of all 8 octants you receive the Chief Guide’s Challenge badge and certificate. The form for this is S/CGC and can be obtained from Girlguiding’s website

In LaSER region if you complete all three phases in all eight octants you can receive a Region Octant Certificate. You need to apply through the region office for this.

The programme covers eight key areas of interest known as Octants.  There are three phases in each octant.  Any activity a girl completes for any phase should be a personal challenge. 

 Queen’s Guide Award






·        Candidates must be 16-26 years old.

·        It must be completed in 3 years from the date started and before the 26th birthday. The candidate may have a year out, which can be taken as blocks of months through out the award, for instance they could decide to take out the months they will have exams, or when they know they are moving house.

·       Candidates will choose a mentor to help her achieve her aims.

·       To register a registration form must be filled in and sent to the county Queen’s Guide Coordinator.  This can be found in the Queen’s Guide starter pack on the ‘Forms & Documents’ page

·       The award is split into 5 sections: Service in Guiding; Skill; Community Action; Expedition or Exploration; Residential
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

·       Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Bronze is 14+, Silver is 15+ and Gold is 16+. Girls will not be allowed to start a specific level before their birthday or peer group year (as in the case of schools).

·       There is no time limit to the awards but candidates are not allowed to carry on beyond the age of 25.

·       Some girls may be working on this at school.

·       Girlguiding UK is an Access organization which means that girls can be introduced to DofE through their service. If they sign up as an Access candidate they only work towards their service element for the time assigned to their level (3months for Bronze, 6 months for Silver, and 12 months for Gold). At the end of this they will achieve a certificate which can go in their CV. If they then choose to they can complete the award so long as they register within 3 months of completing the access programme. Applications for this can be obtained from the county DofE adviser.

·       Senior Section members and young women from outside of Girlguiding should be recorded as having counted their guiding service towards the DofE award by filling in a form which can be obtained from the county DofE adviser.

Senior Section Overnight Permit or Senior Section Permit



These permits allow the Senior Section member to take up to eight Guides or Senior Section members away on a camp or holiday. Details of what is required for each permit and the record book for completion of modules can be found on the Senior Section CD or on the relevant pages on the Senior Section permit pages of this website.


Commonwealth Award

Open to all senior Guides in the Commonwealth over the age of 13 and comprises a series of challenges designed to broaden the girls knowledge and experiences. Details can be obtained from the Senior Section CD and form the Girlguiding website.
GOLD (Guiding Overseas Linked with Development)

Groups of women aged 18-30 years go overseas for about three weeks (or longer term 6-9 months) working on a project with another Guide Association.  Selection is made from INTOPS weekends.  (Contact your International Adviser for details)


County International Sleepover 

For members of Girlguiding Surrey West aged 14-18 at the time they go on their trip. An opportunity to find out more about travelling internationally with guiding. A chance to meet new people and have fun. Please contact the County International Adviser for more details.

Peer Educators

Contact Rachel for more info:
Peer Educators attended a Basic Training to give them the skills to be able to go into units and inform others about current issues such as refugees, rights and responsibilities, eating disorders, stress etc. using activities suitable for the age group.

Any Senior Section member may become an Peer Educators. 

Peer Educators need supporters. These are people in guiding who have an interest in supporting the Peer Educators to achieve her potential. They are provided support and training.


The Young Leader Qualification



The Young Leader Qualification is designed to Young Leaders take an active, positive part in running Rainbows, Brownies or Guides. Its open to Senior Section members aged 14 to 16. To find out more about this qualification please refer to your Senior Section CD.


What does it involve?

The qualification consists of two modules, completed practically rather than through tests or examinations.

·   Module 1 – Your role in the programme

This allows the Young Leader to demonstrate how well they know and understand the programme for the section they’re working with. For example, they can show that they can lead a Pow Wow if they work with a Brownie pack. If they change the section they help out with they’ll need to repeat this module.

·   Module 2 – Your role in Girlguiding UK

This module is about showing their understanding of the Senior Section Promise. It’ll also test that they understand that Leadership is about the relationships between themselves and:

    • all the members of the unit
    • the rest of the Unit Team
    • other Leaders in their area
    • the wider community.


Achieving the Young Leadership Qualification

Young Leaders need to:

  • Keep a diary of the units activities as well as their own meeting planning.
  • Be a reliable member of the unit team let Leaders know well in advance if they can’t make a meeting.
  • Choose a supporter to help give them advice. The supporter will review their progress as they go on. It could be a Leader within the unit, a fellow Senior Section member or a Young Leader Guider.
  • Any member who has seen them do something can sign their record sheets i.e. their Leader, supporter or the girls in the unit.
  • They must take/renew the Promise when they’re ready to gain the Qualification.


The District Commissioner signs the final section in the record book (found in the front of the Senior Section CD cover). Badges can be obtained from the county badge secretary.

Anything done toward the Young Leader Qualification will count towards the full Leadership Qualification should the Young Leader decide to go on and do this.

For more information, take a look at the Senior Section CD.

The Leadership Qualification


·           For 16-18 year old Young Leaders and Adult Leaders. 

·          The syllabus will be issued to Young Leaders who want to work towards the Qualification by the district commissioner.  A mentor will be allocated to her who will talk through the qualification, visit her while she completes it to discuss elements and sign off her sections of her book. 

·          If this is your first Young Leader doing this qualification it is recommended you talk through the clauses and the evidence required with the mentor.

·          The Qualification is modular:

o   Module 1 – Your role in the programme

o   Module 2 – Your role on Girlguiding UK

o   Module 3 – Your role in safety and Unit administration

o   Module 4 – Your role in managing the Unit (for those wishing to be the Unit Guider in Charge)

·          On completion of modules 1, 2 and 3 a certificate will be presented.  Then, once the Young Leader is 18 years old she will become a qualified guider.

·          On completion of module 1 the qualification can be endorsed for the specific section ie. Rainbows, Brownies, Guides or Senior Section.

·           Module 4 is only completed if the Young Leader wishes to be a unit Guider rather than an Assistant Guider.