Hersham Brownies take over the Museum of Childhood

One a cold and rainy January afternoon 45 Brownies from Hersham district gathered up their belongings and boarded on a ship to set sail for a great adventure.  Well it was a coach and they had to get through almost a 2 hour journey to Bethnal Green first but then their pirate adventure could begin.

Heading up to the wonderful V&A museum of Childhood, the Brownies could barely contain their excitement.  Once there even this chatty crazy group of Brownies were speechless at what they met.  A deserted, empty museum that was all theirs for the whole night! Met by three actual* real life pirates (*maybe, they certainly looked the part) the Brownies enjoyed a whole evening packed full of activities.  Treasure map following, pirate hat making, shark attack chases all interspersed with some authentic pirate chanting and singing. 

The evening ended with a bedtime story, a play featuring the infamous Captain Putrid, and then the Brownies could lay their sleeping bags, picking a spot for the night amongst vintage dollhouses, wooden rocking horses and classical teddy bears. Slowly but surely the Brownies settled down and peace fell over the museum. 

Until 6am the next morning when once again the laughter and squeals of delighted Brownies could be heard again echoing throughout the empty museum.  With the run of the place they could explore and enjoy to their hearts content, whilst their leaders welcomed the sight of the coffee bearing baristas who arrived to set up the cafe for the day.  The final perfect ending was the awarding of a real piece of gold, Brownie Gold, to the first Hersham Brownie to achieve the top award, well done to Katie.  Such an incredible Brownie adventure and no doubt one that these girls will remember for always.