London Ranger Challenges and Adventures

Watch out London, here comes 1st Horsell Rangers!

So we might be small – only 5 girls currently, but of course we are a perfectly formed unit!

It’s been a long time in the planning but finally the day of our London Challenge was here. We met early on a Saturday morning at Woking station to travel together to London; on the train our leaders told us what our challenge for the day was – collect 150 points by visiting sites in London – some mandatory some optional. Essentially the LaSER London Challenge with a few very special additions! We had pre-arranged check points and times to meet there, armed with a tube map, travel card and list of sites we set off from Girlguiding HQ in Buckingham Palace Road. with a plan in mind of how to fulfil the challenge.

Over the course of the day we visited over 15 different places, some of which we never knew about – Trafalgar Square’s Lilliputian Police box; Harry Potter film site – Goodwins Court; the Greenwhich foot tunnel to name but a few. Our final leg was to travel back to Waterloo from Greenwhich by river boat and have a well-deserved celebratory pizza before catching the train home. 27,000 steps later.

We even beat our leaders, Annabel and SJ who were also completing the challenge – but they had too many coffee stops and didn’t get 150 points (despite cheating!) – no badge for them!

Aimee, Milly and Jess – 1st Horsell Rangers

Laura Harrison