Baden Powell Congratulations to Caitlin


I recently finished my Baden Powell and can honestly say it was such a good opportunity.

Although I did many amazing things as part of Baden Powell, two things stuck out to me the most. My Community Action Badge and My Baden Powell adventure.

As part of my Community action badge, I helped out at a local brownie group. I have now been with them for a year and half and it has been amazing. I have done things such as help out at a water fun day, go to Jump Giants with them and welcomed new brownies into the group as well as seen many leave. It has been one of the best experiences and I have been able to build my leadership skills and also help out the local community. I am currently working on my Young Leadership Qualification and none of this would have happened if I hadn’t have done my Baden Powell.

As part of this award, I have also been lucky enough to go on an awesome adventure. I met new people and made friends for life. It was an amazing weekend, filled with games and crafts. The weekend was themed on the Christmas song ‘The 12 days of Christmas.’ We did different activities for each of the 12 ‘days.’ For instance, for the five golden rings, we made little present crafts that were gold and shaped like a ring. It was really well thought through and wrapped up my Baden Powell really nicely.

The whole award was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed it.

Caitlin - who completed her BP award with 1st Egham Hythe Guides and is now a Young Leader at Brownies and Guides and a member of Egham District Rangers

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