A sunny weekend at Paxmead for 1st Shepperton Rainbows, Brownies , Guides and Rangers

1st Shepperton started our weekend with a joint Rainbow and Brownie Beach themed sleepover.

They had great fun making their beach scene placemats, making some sand art shells, decorating lighthouses before eating Al fresco on the lovely colourful tables outside.

After getting ready for bed we then watched Finding Nemo before heading off to bed.

After breakfast we enrolled two Brownies before the Rainbows and Brownies headed home leaving the leaders to head off for and expedition to Costco for more supplies before the Guides and Rangers descended.

This group decided that they wanted to chill out and have a pamper day. They painted nails, had foot spas, did each others hair before having pizza and nuggets. We then had a movie before bed.

Bacon rolls all round the next morning. Before doing a Guide and two Ranger enrollments. We thoroughly enjoyed the new facilities at Paxmead. It certainly is very nice.

Alison Archer-Hogan - Leader with Shepperton District

Laura Harrison