Queen’s Guide Award

Queen’s Guide Award


A basic overview:

·          Candidates must be 16-25 years old.

·          It must be completed in 3 years from the date started and before the 26th birthday. The candidate may have a year out, which can be taken as blocks of months through out the award, for instance they could decide to take out the months they will have exams, or when they know they are moving house.


·          Candidates will choose a mentor to help her achieve her aims.


·          To register a registration form must be filled in and sent to the county Queens Guide Coordinator. This is enclosed at the end of the booklet below.


·          The award is split into 5 sections: Service in Guiding; Skill; Community Action; Expedition or Exploration; Residential
Other helpful information (please click on the links):
Please also see our Queen’s Guide Hall of Fame
Please contact Judy Parsons (County Queen’s Guide Coordinator) for any other help