Linking Queens Guide Award with DofE

Linking Queen’s Guide with the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Look Wider

Please note that the Queen’s Guide Award must be planned along side your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at the initial meeting between the candidate and the mentor to ensure that clauses you complete count toward both awards.

Gold D of E

Start between 16-23 years

No fixed time

No limit on breaks

Queens Guide

Start between 16-25 years

Three years to complete

Possibility of break for up to a year

Look Wider

Start between 14-26

No fixed time

No limit on breaks

Possible Octants you could do

Service12 months regular commitment Service in Guiding60 hours practical guiding service

Attend a residential guiding event

Plan an event that involves the participation of at least two units

Out of doorsCommunity action



(must be guiding linked)

ExpeditionPlan, prepare for and undertake a four/ three night expedition. (you would need to undertake at least one full practise when camp qualifications could be completed) Outdoor ChallengeComplete the first six modules of the senior section permit or the camp and holiday scheme if not previously completed. Participate in a four day/ three night exploration or expedition. Out of doorsLeadership


(Senior Section Camp/Holiday permit)

SkillsOptional 12 or 6 months on learning or improving a chosen skill Skill DevelopmentA minimum of 12 months developing a new or existing skill CreativityOut of doors

Independent living

Physical recreationOptional 12 or six months or regular commitment to any form of physical recreation Out of doorsFit for life
Community ActionOver 12 months undertake 2 projects- one practical and one research Community actionLeadership

Personal values


Out of doors

Residential ProjectUndertake a shared activity away from home for 5 days/ 4 nights Residential experienceParticipate in a residential experience lasting no less that three days where the majority of participants are unknown to you InternationalOut of doors