Girlguiding Surrey West County Standard badge

Girlguiding Surrey West County Standard badge


The hoist has a field of azure with a gold trefoil, the emblem of the World​ Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.​

The second charge is a field of gold with the County Emblem, the lion in red with​ blue tongue and claws. The lion formed part of the arms of Eleanor of Castille,​ wife of Edward the First and so was contained in the arms of their grand-daughter​ Joan de Barre, who married in 1306 Johne de Warrenne, Earl of Surrey, who owned​ most of the land in West Surrey.​

The third charge is composed of part of the Warrenne Arms selected from the old​ seal of Surrey, a shield of gold with blue chequers, the red cross and green trefoil​ in the centre thus embodying the first banner of the all Surrey Girl Guides before​ the County was divided into three.​

The fly is divided diagonally with the motto band 'Be Prepared' in gold lettering on​ a red ground, the upper half is a field of azure with a gold orb symbolising the​ Coronation Year, and a grey stone castle representing the old castles in West​ Surrey.​

The lower half is a field of gold, containing the features of the countryside in West​ Surrey, the oak tree and the heather.

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