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Can you help? Yes you can!

The best part of Guiding is that you can give as much or little time as you want from Guiding. All help is greatly appreciated, however small. Working in a unit is very rewarding, watching the girls develop and experience new things for the first time. I’d recommend to anyone they help at a unit for even just one week to see what goes on. You’ll be amazed how much fun leaders manage to fit into an evening!

Now this is where you may be amazed – helping is not just for mums. Dads love to get involved with what their daughter gets up to, brothers and sisters over 18, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents – the whole family can help!

Just some of the ways you can help are:

  • Preparing a craft
  • Donating unwanted craft items
  • Sharing your skills e.g sewing, cooking, football as a one off or for a few weeks
  • Buying equipment (you will be reimbursed)
  • Providing transport for trips out of the meeting place
  • Organising a trip away from the meeting place
  • Helping get equipment such as cupboards
  • Looking after accounts for the unit
  • Organising a parents rota
  • As a parent helper at a meeting once a year, term, month, week – however often you like.
  • Helping with fun days or holidays
  • Helping to get equipment
  • Looking after the accounts in the district
  • Teaching leaders in the district – such as first aid, accounts
  • Being a mentor – you would be mentoring new leaders

How do you start?

Contact a your local leader and talk to them about how your might be able to help or register from the Join Us page and a local leader will get in contact with you.


Are you interested in working with the County team?

We are currently looking to recruit a new Projects Officer to assist with supporting County Trainers and other members of the Management Team.
For further details, please view the job specification – projects officer recruitment pack

Applications close 11th January 2019