Unit Support

County GO! gives us the ability to access and amend most of the data held within the records of all adults registered on the database; please note that we cannot amend data for girls, therefore it will still be necessary to contact the confidential records team for this feature.

1. Actions which we can achieve for individuals include:

  • Adding details of missing roles (appointments) – this could be useful as any role a person has fulfilled in guiding since the age of 16 counts towards the ‘years of service’ awards
  • Correction of problems / anomalies – e.g. where a role has been declared inactive without an end date being given, or vice-versa
  • Adding individuals to the database if the relevant commissioner / leader is unable to do so
  • Adding / updating leader qualifications

2. Actions which we can achieve for commissioners, trainers, advisers etc.:

  • Adding / updating County roles
  • Creating / closing levels (units) and updating details of level meeting places, main contacts etc.
  • Creating reports for the County / Division(s) / District(s) detailing information such as:
    • – The number of individuals active in each of the various roles
    • – An analysis of the levels (units) which exist
    • – The number of individuals in a given age range
    • – Details of roles which are due to finish by a certain date
    • – Details of the number of individuals with a particular qualification

The above lists are not exhaustive – if there’s something you’d like us to determine for you, please ask and we’ll find out whether we can do it, or who else you need to contact for the answer.

The County has 2 people with authorised access to County GO!:-

  • Margaret Nelson – County Membership Support Co-ordinator and County Administrator
  • Madeleine Nicholas – County GO! user and County Administrator

Please contact us for all enquiries about County Go! via go@ggsw.org.uk