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Ethnic Diversity and Religion

Girlguiding is open to young members and volunteers of all faiths and none and believes that every member should be encouraged to explore their beliefs and to take an active part in the religion or faith of their family and community where appropriate.

Useful Contacts

Email for more equality, diversity and inclusion advice

Girlguiding Resources

Being Inclusive

When recruiting new members, it’s important to understand that everybody’s needs, wants and motivations are different. Girlguiding is an inclusive organisation, and it’s important that this is reflected when we recruit.

Talking about race and racism

Religious Differences and Guiding

When running a unit:

  • First impressions matter

  • Talk about all beliefs

  • Don’t focus on one faith

  • Think about when your unit meets

  • Ask questions

  • Give as much information as possible

Including all faiths at residential events

Things to consider:

  • Try not to make assumptions

  • Mixed-gender residential events

  • Religious observance

  • Catering

  • Saying Grace

  • Songs

Delivering Diversity


  • Give volunteers confidence to reach out to underrepresented communities

  • Improve equality and diversity training

  • Design projects in collaboration with communities we’re targeting

  • Engage with more diverse partners

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