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Mental Health

Your responsibility as a volunteer is to ensure that all members can access Girlguiding activities in the most suitable way for them, taking any individual mental health difficulties into account

Useful Contacts

Email for more equality, diversity and inclusion advice

Girlguiding Resources

Girlguiding mental health training (approx. 35 mins)

What should you do if a member of your unit is showing signs of poor mental health?

  • Signs that someone is struggling with their mental health
  • Starting a conversation about mental health
  • Talking to parents and carers when you have a concern
  • Supporting members with their mental health
  • Supporting members on trips and visits
  • Supporting members in crisis

Adjustment plans

If you know someone in the unit can struggle with their mental health

  • Ask them to sit with you in a quiet area (you can involve their parent/guardian if they think this would be helpful)

  • Ask them what would help them with their mental health in the unit

  • Ask them what could trigger bad mental health in the unit

  • Ask them if they would like you to adapt anything in the unit for them

  • Ask them to tell you the warning signs that may suggest they’re struggling

These adjustment plans should be shared with the leadership team and should be reviewed in the future to make sure the adjustments are still relevant.

The member does not need to have a diagnosis of a mental health condition for you to make an adjustment plan.

Programme Links

Rainbow UMAs

Be Well, Pack 9- The Big Blue Whale

Express Myself, Mag (Nov 19)- Hobby-tastic

Brownie UMAs

Be Well, Pack 2- My Invisible Bubble

Be Well, Pack 8- Competitive Car Park

Guide UMAs

Be Well, Pack 9- Checking In

Be Well, Mag (Nov 19)- No doubt

Be Well, Mag (Nov 18)- Comfort for your discomfort

Ranger UMAs

Be Well, Mag (March 19)- Switch Off

Know Myself, Pack 9- I’m Worth It

Skills For My Future, Mag (July 20)- Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

Skills Builders

Stage 1

Be Well, Feel Good (General)

Be Well, First Aid- Colour My Mood

Stage 2

Be Well, Feel Good (General)

Stage 3

Be Well, Feel Good (General)

Be Well, First Aid- Are You Okay?

Stage 4

Be Well, Feel Good (General)

Be Well, First Aid- Take a Moment

Stage 5

Be Well, Feel Good (General)

Know Myself, Reflect- 2B Or Not 2B?

Stage 6

Be Well, Feel Good (General)

Peer Educator Sessions

Think resilient

Resilience helps members cope when they are faced with the stresses of everyday life – whether that’s in their schools, families or friendship groups – so that they can have fun, take new opportunities and have good mental wellbeing.

Book a session for your Brownies, Guides or Rangers by following this link

Free being me

Free Being Me is a body confidence programme for Brownies and Guides. Sessions help girls recognise myths about how girls and women ‘should’ look and be happy in their own skin.

Book a session for your Brownies, Guides or Rangers by following this link

Top tips

  • Never have a conversation with a young member alone in a private room, you should always make sure a friend of theirs or a member of the leadership team is with you
  • Never assume someone does not have any mental health problems just because they look happy – masking symptoms is very common

  • Mental health problems are not always obvious, you might spot them through irritable behaviour, frustration, self-deprecation / sudden behaviour changes

  • Never assume what someone else needs, if you don’t know ask them or ask someone who can advocate for them

  • Always contact your district commissioner or the mental health inclusion team member at Girlguiding Surrey West if you need further advice

  • Keep a detailed written record of any concerns in case you need to send a report into the safeguarding team