Peer Education

Peer Educators, aged 14 – 25, are trained to deliver sessions on topics that matter to girls today. Girls are more likely to listen to those who are of a similar age to them.

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Peer Educators draw on their own experiences allowing girls to fully engage and relate. Peer Education Sessions are available for Brownies, Guides and Ranger Units.

Introduction Vicky Cunningham – one of our Peer Educators in Surrey West

Since starting as a Rainbow, I have worked my way through the sections, gaining my Young Leader Qualification before looking for another challenge. I trained as a Peer Educator over three days in July 2016 and since then have run workshops with over 80 different Brownie, Guide and Ranger groups. I began studying Psychology at Uni in September 2018 and Peer Education allows me to explore my own interests as well as ensure I am making a positive difference to younger girls. I really enjoy crafting each workshop to suit each units’ needs and leaving behind something worthwhile for the girls to think about.

What happens in a peer educator sesson and how relevant will they be?

Developed with expert partners, each session consists of creating a set of guidelines, discussing and defining key areas of the chosen topic before exploring ways to combat the issue being addressed, using a variety of techniques, so there is something for everyone. This encourages participation so that others can learn from their peers, gaining a more well-rounded understanding of the topic. Each session is tailor-made to suit the unit, with different activities for different age groups.

When would a session take place?

During your normal meeting time, on a previously arranged date. If your meeting is less than 90 minutes it may be best to split the session over two meetings, but this can be discussed.

What topics would a session cover?

Currently there is a choice of 3 sessions, the badges for these are show below. Please click on each one to find out more.

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