Breaking Free

Breaking Free is an exciting new resource which focuses on challenging gender stereotypes. The session helps girls identify and challenge stereotypes so they feel empowered to enjoy their hobbies, gain skills they’re interested in and bust the restrictions that so-called ‘stereotypes’ could place on their lives.

‘55% of girls aged 7-21 say gender stereotypes affect their ability to say what they think.’ (2017 Girlguiding Girl’s Attitudes Survey)

Breaking Free: What would be required of me as a leader?

  • Have a pre-session conversation on the phone, around two weeks before the session
  • Before the session, send out a pre-session parent letter
  • Allow time for your unit to complete a pre-session evaluation
  • Set aside one meeting for the session (as arranged with the Peer Educator) and actively support the session
  • You might be required to help your unit complete a social action project after the session
  • Girls can then earn the Breaking Free Badge