Safe the World

Safe the World is about the situations young people face every day. It tackles the topic of safety by looking at how: everyone experiences safety differently, how we can spot and deal with unsafe behaviours and how we can empower everyone to become upstanders and campaign for a safer world for all. It’s all about helping young people to thrive!

What would be required of me as a leader?

  • Have a pre-session conversation on the phone, around two weeks before the session
  • Before the session, send out a pre-session parent letter
  • Allow time for your unit to complete a pre-session evaluation
  • Set aside one meeting for the session (as arranged with the Peer Educator) and actively support the session
  • You can help your unit complete some UMA and SB activities to explore the topic further (this isn’t required for the badge)
  • Girls can then earn the Safe the World Badge